Thursday, March 12, 2009

Advanced Math at Egan

At the Board meeting, a couple of folks expressed concern about having ~75-100 more drop-offs at the Jr High Schools. I am aware that there have been some issues- these same folks have come to the meetings previously and asked the Board to help them. Adding more bodies at the peak time seems daunting.

I suggested to Jeff Baier that they shift the start time just for kids taking Adv Math. Those 6th graders will all be in the same sections, and their classes will all start first thing in the morning. Rather than have them start at 8:12 like the rest of the school, I suggested that they start at 7:55. Their drop-offs would then be out of the peak drop-off time (giving parents like me an easier trip from Egan to Gardner Bullis to drop off my other child.) It would also create 20 minutes of prep time for the Adv Math teachers, between their 1st period and their second period class.

Jeff needs to look into some things to see if this is doable. (For one thing, it means the teacher would have to start earlier). I'd be interested in comments from folks about whether you think this is a good idea.

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