Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Back

Just a quick note to say welcome back to school. Many thanks to those who worked through the summer to make our Back to School day a big success. Teachers have beenworking hard to ensure that the classrooms are ready. Our staff has done an incredible job in cleaning up the campuses. Our administrators have been planning for the new year too.

Special thanks need to go out to everyone who is working hard to make this school year special despite teh budget cuts and challenges we've seen. Many thanks to LAEF for their increased commitment this year. Thanks, too, to our PTA's for stepping up. Our kids will all benefit from the hard work of these parent leaders. Of course they're all depending on us to do our part, so if you haven't yet made a commitment to the LAEF, or written a check to your PTA, please support them as they ensure your child has a spectacular school year.

Best wishes,

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