Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Endoresments for City Council, SCCSB

I don't normally voice opinions about what other government bodies are up to, but... with my ballot sitting at home, waiting to be completed, I thought it appropriate to share a couple of thoughts on how I plan to vote.

Los Altos City Council - Curtis Cole
I am pleased to endorse Curtis Cole for city council. Curtis already has significant experience, having served on our council (incl. time as Mayor), the planning commission, and other capacities in our local government. After taking a break, he's ready to come back.

I like Curtis' pragmatic approach. The biggest issue I see facing the city council is the need to redevelop downtown. While some residents may prefer the "quaint" feel, we're at real risk of losing any functioning downtown area over the next few years. If we don't encourage multi-story development, our existing 20%+ vacancy rate will continue to climb. Curtis has been active with Los Altos 2025, a visionary group that has shown a clear plan for revitalization. That revitalization means millions of dollars of new revenue for the school district- plus, it'll make our downtown a true hub of activity, with services for all residents.

Santa Clara Count School Board - George Tyson
For the County Board, I'm voting for George Tyson. George has previously been heavily involved in the Cupertino School District, and served those constituents well. Now he's stepping up to a county position.

Most of the LASD interaction with the county comes around the Bullis Charter School. I believe George brings a pragmatic approach to that situation. He doesn't overly favor one side or the other, but is very cognizant of the implications of the decisions the county makes, and the impact it has on local boards such as LASD. I look forward to working with him over the coming years.

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