Friday, January 14, 2011

New Ideas in Education

We have been partnering with Sal Khan for a little while. We're his "pilot program" for Khan Academy, which is an effort to bring learning to as many people as possible. We're running an active pilot, and hopefully helping Khan tune how it works. He is something of a rock star in ed reform circles, because of the huge impact he's having. Locally, we've integrated his work into a handful of classrooms and are excited at the progress we've seen.

There's a good article by Fortune magazine that provides some good context.
(Article here)

There is also a lesser-publicized blog, which is something of an ongoing discussion between Khan and the students and teachers.
(Blog here)

I have to admit, I was not actively involved in setting this up. Hats off to our administration and the teachers involved for getting this going, though. It's EXACTLY the sort of thing I've been talking about locally for a while. We're here in the heart of the Silicon Valley, near a major research institution and some of the more inventive minds of our generation. We should absolutely be an incubator for new ideas like this. I'm thrilled that we're working with Sal, and wish him (literally) a world of success.

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