Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schools parents dream about

There was a really nice article about Sal Khan and the Khan Acadamey in this week's Businessweek. The best quote, in my mind, was this one:

Covington is one of three schools in the Los Altos district using the Khan Academy in some fifth and seventh grade classes. It's also the kind of school every parent dreams of.

The reporter talked about the physical campus, and descriped how 27 students sat down to 27 laptops to work on the Academy programs. Still, I couldn't help but think that this description was really much more about the environment. Our kids show up ready to learn, and our community values education and local schools. That is what parents dream about for their kids.

The Khan Academy project has several articles this week:
Full article in Blooomber Businessweek

Fast Company

Mind Shift - KQED

Enjoy the reading!

Thanks to the teachers and administration, for being willing to experiment with this new approach to learning, and of course- thanks to Sal, for bringing this to or kids.

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