Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Checking out...

It's winter break, and that means you are either travelling, or likely someone is at home with the kids.  Since I have a cold I can't seem to kick, I decided I'd work from home this week.  We made it until 10:30am before I heard that all-too-familiar cry:  "I'm bored." 

We did something really cool, though.  I just said "check out a book."  LASD has recently created an electronic lending library.  The kids can check out books on a e-Reader.  No need to be in school- heck, no need for school to even be open.  She just logged in, browsed the titles, and picked up the next book in a series she's been reading.  Simple, easy, and very much in keeping with our vision of preparing our kids for the real world.  The Dewey Decimal System may still exist, but when you have a e-Reader, I'm not sure you care.

Books from the school library, from the comfort of home.  How cool is that?