Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deja vu. And "Hey, haven't I seen this before?"

BCS has filed two new legal actions this week.

On Monday, they filed a lawsuit that looks nearly identical to the District's request for Declaratory Relief.  This relates to the District's interest in acquiring the Raynor facility as a long-term location for BCS.  I'm not sure what the benefit is in creating a duplicate legal action.  Someone with a legal background is welcome to explain that to me.  It feels wasteful.  However, I remain interested to hear from the courts on how they view this issue, so we'll just wait for the hearing date.

BCS Lawsuit #1
Supporting Docs
Cover Sheet

They also filed a second action, in which they allege that the two-site solution is unlawful.  I'm puzzled by this, since they spent over $300,000 this spring publicizing their willingness to "Compromise" and operate at Blach and Egan.  I'm also dumbfounded that they suggest this solution isn't reasonably equivalent, since this solution is virtually identical to how LASD operates our own schools, right down to sharing time with BCS in the specialized teaching space at Blach.  In addition to challenging the 2-site solution, it also challenges the CEQA study the district conducted this past year.  This spring, they said they'd "heard the community", and they weren't asking to close an LASD school.  That seems to be out the window now.  When BCS challenges the site split and the CEQA, it leaves little doubt what they are requesting.

BCS Lawsuit #2

I am again deeply disappointed in the actions of the BCS Board.  They fail to demonstrate a serious willingness to work together.  Some folks have asked if, now that the final offer is complete, will we have time for joint meetings with the BCS board.  I'd point those people to our agenda for this Monday's closed session, which lists 5 open lawsuits to discuss.  BCS seems to be doing all of their talking through their lawyers, and it doesn't look like that is going to change any time soon.