Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Raynor Site

Tonight I attended the Sunnyvale City Council meeting where they discussed and acted on the sale of the Raynor site.  Readers may recall that LASD put in a bid on this site as a possible home for the Bullis Charter School.  Unfortunately, the council has provided direction to Sunnyvale city staff to begin negotiations with the Stratford School.

Readers may also recall that the District has an open request for Declaratory Relief.  We've asked the courts to determine that we are legally permitted to locate BCS outside of the District boundaries.  We felt that BCS would eventually sue LASD over this question, so it makes sense to ask the courts for clarity.  I am disappointed to say that BCS did show up and speak in opposition to the District's bid.  According to her own statement, this was done at the direction of the BCS Board.  I will leave it to individuals to interpret her statements.  I've attached the recording here.

It would be reasonable to inquire whether this means the Declaratory Relief is no longer required.  We've actually asked the Court the broader question- whether it is permissible to locate BCS anywhere outside the District boundaries.  The Raynor site was certainly one example, but it is obviously not the only location outside of our boundaries.  Thus, it makes sense to have the courts clarify this issue now.  Hence, I don't anticipate any changes to the request.

I'm obviously disappointed that we didn't get the nod tonight, but I certainly wish the Stratford School and Sunnyvale well in their negotiations.  Meanwhile, we'll press on considering other options.