Sunday, November 10, 2013

2014-15 BCS Facilities Process

 I wrote recently about the activities of BCS, but I neglected to mention that we have received their facilities request for 2014-15.  Once again they have asked that the District close Covington as a district school and give that space to BCS.  We will be discussing their request at the Board meeting this Tuesday evening, Nov 12th.

I will be encouraging the board to continue to conduct very open, public discussions about the facilities options.  We need to have a robust debate, with all views represented.  We've heard from the BCS board what they want.  I'll be interested to hear from BCS parents (do they prefer that we close a district school, or do they think there is a better option?)  I'll also want to hear from LASD parents- are they willing to close a district school for the sake of peace in our community, or is that too high a price to pay?

This weekend someone said to me that their circle of friends felt like the trustees always "figure it out in the end", and that there won't be a school closure.  I want to emphasize to folks that every year is a new and distinct process.  Each year we start with a clean slate, and evaluate the request with an open view to how to address it.  We have already argued this in court- that the annual requests are distinct from one another, and that as facts change, we will need  to debate them anew.  And so, I look forward to hearing from people about how they think we should proceed.

The facilities timeline and docs are below:

Nov 1
BCS submits request for facilities, incl. enrollment forecast and preferred location.
Dec 1
LASD provides counter-projection to enrollment
Jan 1
BCS responds to counter-projection
Feb 1
LASD provides preliminary facilities offer (draft)
Mar 1
BCS responds to draft offer
April 1
LASD provides final facilities offer
July 1
LASD adjusts classroom space based on final district budget for upcoming school year
(Note:  This is a negotiated step, not part of the Prop 39 process.)
(This agreement has expired, so I don’t anticipate making this adjustment this year.)

I look forward to hearing from you at the next Board meeting.