Thursday, March 27, 2014

Play Space At Blach

At a recent LASD board meeting, quite a number of BCS parents expressed concern that BCS children at Blach had no place to play other than on the blacktop between the classrooms.  I believe this surprised most of the LASD board, since we provided for that in the 2013-14 facilities offer.  We actually had a lengthy debate when we constructed the facilities offer to provide both a way to share space (BCS and LASD kids playing together) and also a fall-back position in case the sharing didn't work out.

In point of fact, those parents have incorrect information.  LASD Superintendent Jeff Baier sent a letter today to BCS Principal Wanny Hersey to reiterate the sharing arrangements.  In his letter, he provides a copy of the sharing schedule that has been in place since November, and mentions that the BCS Asst. Principal Schwartzbaum have adjusted the schedule from time to time to meet the needs of the parties.  I provide a copy of the letter here in the hopes that BCS parents will see it and understand that the space has been provided properly.  Whether BCS chooses to use that space or not is entirely up to them, but the District has provided the space.