Monday, January 26, 2015

Prop 2 Could hit LASD Sooner Than Expected

Last fall I wrote about Prop 2, the ballot measure that restricts the amount of reserves a district can hold.  The ballot measure was a give-away from Gov. Brown to the California Teachers Association (CTA) that was slipped in at the last minute during the budget process.  Read my original post here.

At the time, a few folks told me I was being reactionary, and that the terms of Prop 2 wouldn't kick in for a long time.  Surprise, Surprise! The State Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) has announced that Prop 2 limits might kick in as soon as this year or next year.

This is just a reminder that we need to stay active and engaged in the legislative process.  California is still near the very bottom in per student spending.  These kind of shenanigans in Sacramento aren't helping our kids.

I'd love to be able to urge you to contact Jerry Hill and Rich Gordon to ask them to correct this.  Unfortunately, the voters in California have been duped, and now it is back to us to correct this problem.  I would hope that the CSBA is looking at legal options to try to invalidate Prop 2.  At a minimum, there's a conflict between Prop 2 and Prop 98.  Hopefully someone can craft a legal argument that Prop 98 guarantees should be honored- but I'm not optimistic.