Friday, May 29, 2009

Take it to the Board!

In the interest of making sure our opinion is heard, I'd encourager people to attend the LASD Board meeting this Monday night at 7pm. There is always a "public comment" time, at the beginning of the Board meetings. I plan to speak to the board about my feelings related to the BCS offer. I'd encourage all of you to do the same.

To be clear, I don't believe that the LASD Board is entertaining this offer seriously. However, it is important that we nip this behavior in the bud. Please come, and if possible, wear a GB shirt. I've seen this before though- even if you don't speak, the show of support will have an impact. Speaking slots are typically 2-3 minutes long, but of course you don't have to speak for the entire time.

Board meeting is at Covington, normally in the District Board room. 7pm. See you there.


  1. LASD is not at all in this "offer" see following comment today from LASD board president:

    From: "Margot Harrigan" To:
    I think this is so irresponsible of the Crier - such a poll only gives "pseudo- validity" to a ludicrous notion put forth by folks not involved with the district and our concerns and history .
    The Board does not have this idea anywhere on our radar....and we are unlikely to consider it anytime in the foreseeable future (especially for $3 million !).
    Please feel free to share this response, Maura!

  2. Yes, I agree that the Board has been clear with BCS about their position. However, I've seen these same folks from BCS stand up at a number of prior board meetings reiterating their proposal.

    The district does have a long term problem, in that BCS is threatening legal action that the "camp school" at Egan is not "reasonably equivalent" to facilities available for in-district students. LASD will have to address that, but it cannot be at the expense of an existing group of students.

    My goal in speaking on this topic at the LASD Board meeting is to make a point to BCS and to the LATC. Our kids are not for sale (or for lease.)


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