Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BCS Litigation Update - District Response

Today LASD filed our response to the latest litigation by BCS.  In the documents, we assert two key things:

1) The 2012-13 Prop 39 offer is legally compliant. 
2)  We may actually have been too generous, to the detriment of LASD students--particularly given the semi-private nature of BCS.

All of the district's filings are posted on the district website.

Whenever I've heard someone say "we look forward to the opportunity to face these allegations in court," I've always snickered.  Are they really "looking forward" to it?  In our case, I can say that I *am* looking forward to this.  I strongly believe that our facilities offer is compliant, so in that regard, I believe that the judge will not grant BCS's request to close an LASD school.  Moreover, the discussion of BCS's status as a public or private school is one that has been happening in our community for most of the last 8 years.  I look forward to guidance from the court about what impact that can have on any facilities discussion we have with BCS.

I would like to specifically thank the community members who have helped so much with this effort.  Some have provided declarations that give glimpses into what should otherwise be private matters (like a child's disability).  Others have done built a tremendous body of research, which in turn helped inform our legal arguments.  Others have helped in less obvious, but very important ways.  All of you have helped make our public schools stronger as we help our students (all of them!) develop their own passion for learning.  We are all indebted to those who have stepped up on behalf of the students.

For those following closely, BCS will have an opportunity to file one more set of papers (essentially a rebuttal to our arguments) in early August, and then we have a court date with Judge Lucas on August 15.  I, for one, really am looking forward to the opportunity to get clarity from the courts.