Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Additional Voices in the BCS discussion

Recently a group of concerned citizens petitioned the court to file an amicus brief in the litigation BCS has brought against LASD.  I can't say that I agree with everything they have said in their papers, but it certainly is interesting to hear from them.  Over 200 people have already signed their petition, and in essence they are telling the courts "hey, there's a lot of folks out here affected by this decision". 

Many years ago, I sat with the prior superintendent of LASD, and sought answers to a questions about a decision made at my children's school.  The superintendent told me that I had "no interest" in the outcome of the decision.  Seeing that he was talking about the education of my children, I assured him that I had an extensive and lifelong interest in the outcome.  Thus began my involvement in LASD politics.

BCS Chair Ken Moore recently dismissed the amicus brief by saying "It’s really an opinion piece by folks who are not party to the case."  His choice of words are eerily reflective of the words that activated me years ago.  These papers were filed by community members, many of whom have children in the schools.  To suggest that they have no interest in the outcome, and that the court shouldn't care what they have to say- that shows a profound lack of understanding of just how involved in education our community really is.  Our students benefit from that involvement every day, and in this instance, I do understand why these people felt compelled to come forward and participate in the discussion.

The papers themselves are pretty interesting- some of their points are similar to things the District has said, and some points are new/ different.  I've posted a copy here for folks to read.  Having sifted through them, I believe that the court should hear from these people- they, too, have a huge stake in the outcome of this proceeding.

Application To Appear
Amicus Brief
Parent Testimony