Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BCS Further Amends Complaint

The Bullis Charter School has amended their motion to include two new issues:
  1. their dissatisfaction with the state of the facilities prior to the beginning of school
  2. their dissatisfaction with the District's resolution to the City Gym/MPR issue (see related blog post)

I have no idea what the judge will make of amendments filed less than 48 hours before the court date.  BCS Board members constantly remind us that we are all part of the same community, yet they run to the courts for recompense with every issue.  BCS was not the only school inconvenienced by construction that took longer than expected.  For example, the Egan music room was also not finished prior to the start of school.  Their teacher scrambled and made due for a few days, and fortunately I haven't received any notifications of lawsuits from an Egan parent yet.  It seems that BCS is using litigation as a strategy to wear down the District to try to  force the only outcome they deem acceptable.

Folks, this is the reality of construction, and the reality of living together in the same place.  It takes time, and occasionally, when you have 10 weeks to get something done, it doesn't finish on time.  I won't address every point they've raised in this latest set of documents, but suffice it to say that if you want peace, you can't come demanding it with an iron fist.

As always, though, here is the paperwork for public reading.

BCS Letter to Judge Lucas
BCS Amended Proposed Order
POS Amendment

L Stone Declaration
A Eyring 2nd Supp Decl
Eyring Exh 1
Eyring Exh 2
Eyring Exh 3
Eyring Exh 4
Eyring Exh 5
Eyring Exh 6
Eyring Exh 7
Eyring Exh 8
Eyring Exh 9
Eyring Exh 10

And they've requested to use PowerPoint at the hearing
Application to use PowerPoint
Proposed Order Granting Use of PowerPoint
POS PowerPoint