Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CSBA weighs in too

Just the other day, I had a post discussing the fact that the ACSA had submitted an amicus brief in support of the District's position in the BCS litigation.  Today brings another submission, this time form the California School Board Association.

The CSBA advocates on behalf of school boards within the State of California.  In the brief they submitted today, they have asked the court to consider the impact of the BCS request.  They focus their discussion on the need to balance a charter school request with the impact on other students.  Specifically, they call out that (a) there is nothing in Prop 39 that guarantees a single site to a charter school, and (b) the impact of BCS's request to close a school would have significant impact on District students- an impact that can't just be ignored because BCS finds it inconvenient.

As with the other amicus briefs, I hope that the Court will admit this document.  They have examined this issue thoroughly, and understand that a ruling here could impact schools across California.  The voices of the 95% of California students not in charter schools should not be ignored.

CSBA Amicus Brief and related docs