Friday, August 3, 2012

BCS response

As you'll recall from my earlier post, BCS has an opportunity to respond to the documents we recently filed with the courts.  That document was received today, and I've posted it here for folks to read.

I found it interesting that BCS doesn't want to address the core of the issues raised in our cross-motion.  They've focused their argument on procedural questions, and have asked the judge to ignore our cross-complaint based on those procedural questions.  I'm not surprised by this- it's straight out of the playbook they followed with SCCBOE.  They push hard on "you must do it THIS way," and skip over the overarching issues raised by the community.  At least they are consistent.

I'm told that our procedure is correct, so I have every reason to believe that the judge will hear our cross-motion.  When we raised the cross-motion, we specifically said that we are doing so not because it's the best way to do it.  BCS has already abused the process by trying new facts under the old case.  As such, we've raised the cross-motion to preserve our ability to argue these facts.  Whether all of this proceeds under the existing set of motions or as new trials is entirely up to the judge.  We'll have to wait and see for certain what the judge decides to do, but I believe that this case is important, and that the voices of the District (speaking on behalf of the students), and the greater community need to be heard.

BCS Response