Monday, August 13, 2012

BCS Opposes Amicus Briefs

BCS has filed papers with the court opposing the Amicus briefs filed by the Huttlinger Alliance for Education, the California School Board Association, and the Association of California School Administratiors.  I've written previously welcoming these briefs. 

The Huttlinger Alliance is a newly formed group, and the add a perspective to this discussion that the District does not always bring. 

The CSBA and ACSA are both statewide bodies that are widely recognized as the leading organizations in their respective areas.  For BCS to suggest that their opinions are not relevant is foolish, and it diminishes the role of public school districts across the state.

I believe that the court should admit all of these briefs.  I would also note that BCS has sought amicus briefs from the California Charter Schools Association all along the way.  For BCS to now argue that amicus briefs are superfluous is very strange indeed.

As they say, "See you in court."

BCS Opp to Amicus
POS Opp to AC

Please note:  The post below detailing BCS demands for $1.3m legal fees is also new.  I don't usually post several in a row, but readers will want to take a moment with that information as well.