Monday, August 6, 2012

ACSA Weighs into BCS Lawsuit

Recently another group has stepped forward to express their thoughts on the BCS lawsuit.  The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) has petitioned the court to add their amicus brief to the proceedings.  This is fairly unusual, in that the ACSA doesn't normally weigh in on cases at this level, but it appears that they felt this important enough to do here.

The ACSA brief reminds the court that the standard to be followed in Prop 39 is "reasonably equivalent".  It specifically calls out that BCS has attempted to reduce this to a mathematical formula, which was not the intent of Prop 39.  Several courts, including the trial court in our case and the appeals court in Ridgecrest, have been careful to explain that exact equivalence isn't possible, and that public officials must have some flexibility in their decision-making.  The brief also takes BCS to task for cherry-picking their metrics.  They point out that BCS picks and chooses which measurements they don't like, while ignoring the overall standard of "reasonably equivalent."

I hope that the court admits this brief- it highlights the difficult decision-making process we need to go through as we balance the needs of all public school students.

ACSA Amicus Brief
ACSA Application To Appear
Chatterjee Declaration
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