Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Follow-up LASD filing

A quick update on the 2012-13 litigation:

We asked BCS to produce a number of documents related to their use of Blach as part of the process of drafting our motion.  We received about 200 BCS internal emails the night before our filing was due, and so they weren't directly incorporated in the filing we made last week.  However, as we read through them, there were a few that were worth pointing out to the court.  Once again the legal team has done a great job of distilling down the key facts.  Aside from the legal aruments raised, I'd like to point out a few things here:

1)  The back-and-forth between BCS staff with respect to the county board shows what I can only describe as chutzpah.  Their lack of regard for the county is evident in the banter over a simple inquiry.  Of course, the fact that they don't want to honestly answer the question just goes to prove the District's point about the facilities use.

2)  There are also emails between BCS staff and board about their furniture needs for Blach.  As we've told people publicly, BCS was stonewalling the District on their needs, and eventually used that as an opportunity for a photo op to try to make LASD look bad.  This kind of behavior is unproductive, and it's disappointing to see the lengths they went to (incl. taking action that effectively denied their own kids facilities by stalling against LASD requests.) 

None of it is earth-shattering, but it certainly does illustrate the points well enough.  Just 13 days to the hearing...

Stipulation to file
Supplemental Brief
Decl. of Shively