Friday, October 12, 2012

How "equal" delivers better results

A parent sent me this interesting article on the education reform movement in Finland.  It talks at length about how they approached building the world's leading educational program.  One of the most important tennants of their effort was to strive for equlity in all of their schools.

LASD has also followed this same principal. We strive to ensure that the program is equitable across all campuses. We may pilot a program someplace before rolling it out widely, but we aim to ensure that your child has a geat educational experience no matter which campus they attend.  Why do we do this?  We owe every child a first-class education. This is true regardless of their background, or what special needs they may have.  Besides the moral aspects of this approach, it also has the benefit of building wide community support for our schools.  No matter which campus, no matter what the child's interests, we support the child's learning.  In doing so, we achieve consistently high results for all of our students.  Isn't that whay public education is all about?