Sunday, December 2, 2012

Important Board Meeting on Monday, Dec 3

On Monday, December 3, the Board will hold a study session in the Covington mutli-purpose room to discuss possible options for the BCS facilities offer for this year. As described by our Board President, Mark Goines, those options are:

1.) Split BCS between the Egan and Blach campuses

2.) Split BCS among three LASD campuses

3.) Place BCS on the Covington campus and relocate Covington students to other campuses

4.) Place BCS on the Santa Rita campus and relocate Santa Rita students to the current BCS campus at Egan

5.) Place BCS on a site outside of the District within Santa Clara County

We will ask members of the community to provide input on these options by participating in working groups during the meeting. Each group will be asked to assume that their option has been chosen by the Board, and to come up with a list of steps we should take to make that option work as best as it possibly can.

This is intended to be a constructive process, and we encourage open dialogue. Hopefully BCS parents will attend as well. WE ask that all participants be cooperative and respectful of other opinions.

Collecting this input will help the Board assess options for the Feb 1 preliminary offer deadline.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the meeting.