Sunday, December 2, 2012

LASD Objections to BCS Enrollment Projections

2013-14 Facilities Process

As a quick reminder, along with the drama in the courtroom, we are still moving down the normal path proscribed by Prop 39 for the 2013-14 school year.  On Nov 1, BCS delivered their request for facilities, which included their enrollment projection.  The next step in the process was Friday, when we delivered our counter-projections.  Historically, BCS has over-projected their enrollment, and the District has generally accepted their numbers.  Last year, LASD counter-projected, and decided to use our counter-projection when we provided facilities.  BCS raised this as one of their three key issues in their recent suit.  The Judge ruled that the District does have discretion to use our own projections.  BCS has announced that they will be appealing that decision.

Nov 1
BCS submits request for facilities, incl. enrollment forecast and preferred location.
Dec 1
LASD provides counter-projection to enrollment
Jan 1
BCS responds to counter-projection

Feb 1
LASD provides preliminary facilities offer (draft)

Mar 1
BCS responds to draft offer

April 1
LASD provides final facilities offer

July 1
LASD adjusts classroom space based on final district budget for upcoming school year
(Note:  This is a negotiated step, not part of the Prop 39 process)