Saturday, March 2, 2013

BCS delivers response to preliminary offer

2013-14 Facilities Process

I have only glanced through this, but I'm sure many will read it with great interest.
One thing I did seem to notice- if I read it correctly, they're demanding that we evict stepping stones preschool at Blach?  I'll have to re-read in more detail.  (section G, top of Page 9)

Nov 1
BCS submits request for facilities, incl. enrollment forecast and preferred location.
Dec 1
LASD provides counter-projection to enrollment
Jan 1
BCS responds to counter-projection
Feb 1
LASD provides preliminary facilities offer (draft)
Mar 1
BCS responds to draft offer
April 1
LASD provides final facilities offer

July 1
LASD adjusts classroom space based on final district budget for upcoming school year
(Note:  This is a negotiated step, not part of the Prop 39 process)

Note:  I'm note sure why, but Google Docs has trouble dealing with the latest Jan 1 letter from BCS.  It won't show it in preview mode, but it is possible to download the document locally and read it.