Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Those in the tech industry may recognize the conference SXSW (South by Southwest).  Held in Austin, this gathering focuses on innovation across a variety of topics.  SXSW has featured many new tech services and companies, quite a few of which are household names today.

This year, a couple of LASD staff members went to SXSW.  I applaud their interest in innovation.  I love that our staff is constantly seeking out the "next great thing" to enhance our already-strong program.  The really fun part was that they came across, well, LASD.  There were a couple of different displays that were showcasing techniques that we've pioneered or been a key part of.  There's something surreal about looking out to the world and seeing that folks really are picking up on what we do, and emulating our model.  Hats off to our staff for leading the way.  We really are "revolutionizing learning for all students".