Sunday, August 4, 2013

LASD to attend BCS Board Meeting

On August 6th, LASD Superintendent Jeff Baier will be presenting the results of the Superintendent's Enrollment Growth Task Force to the BCS Board of Directors.  There will also be an agenda item where the BCS and LASD boards can discuss what this means, and how we might move forward.  LASD will be agendizing this meeting (although technically under the Brown Act, we aren't required to do so, as we are actually attending BCS's agendized meeting). 

This presentation will include the same material that Jeff has presented to the LASD Board of Trustees, the Los Altos Hills Town Council, and other local agencies.  It clarifies why we need additional school sites and provides some of the supporting data that drives that conclusion.  Given that so many entities participated in the Task Force, it is only right to give those groups a read-out on the findings.

One of the key findings of the Task Force is that LASD and BCS need to work together on building community support for additional school sites.Clearly that will be front and center on my mind when we get to the second agenda item.

Even during the summer, I get occasional pings from folks asking about meetings with the BCS Board.  This meeting has been a long time in coming.  BCS has requested some tactical discussions about the 13-14 offer, but the LASD Board really wants to focus on how we can work together to address the long term needs.  I'm looking forward to this discussion.

Also, I've been pinged about why this meting hasn't been noticed yet.  The meting is not a regularly scheduled meeting- it is a "special meeting"  As such, the Brown Act requires the agenda to be posted at least 24 hours in advance (instead of at least 72 hours in advance, as is the case for regular meetings).  Technical the LASD Board doesn't need to agendize this meeting, as it is a noticed meeting of another group, but we will do so in an abundance of caution.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday night!