Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LASD/BCS meetings start tonight

Updated @12:30pm to include site evaluation information

Those who have followed the LASD/ BCS interactions over the past few weeks know it has been a challenging time in the relationship.  However, I am pleased to say that we have arranged a series of meetings to discuss both BCS's short term concerns (primarily related to the 2013-14 facilities offer) as well as the District's desire to push forward with a bond to build new schools.

The meetings will have 2 members from the LASD Board of Trustees and 2 members of the BCS Board of Directors.  Last night the District appointed Mark Goines and Steve Taglio as our representatives to the "short term" talks.  Tammy Logan and I will represent the District in the longer term discussions. 

The schedule for the meetings is as follows:

8/27    Short Term (Grade Level Restrictions)
8/29    Short Term (Site Capacity Restrictions)

9/10    Long Term
9/12    Long Term

9/17    Long Term
9/19    Short Term (misc items)

The Short Term meetings will be held at the Los Altos City Hall in the Community Meeting Room (commonly known  as the council chambers).  The Long Term meetings will be held at the Los Altos Hills Town Hall.  All meetings will start at 7pm. These are all public meetings.  Much like our Feb 15 2x2, the focus is on a working discussion.  I'm anxious to see how we can collaborate and address the long term need to build more facilities while considering how BCS fits within the footprint of what we have today.

In parallel with naming these teams last night, we also asked LASD Trustee Pablo Luther to take on work with the Town of Los Altos Hills to evaluate potential sites in the that community.  It's one thing to work on a hypothetical bond, but I think the conversation will move substantially if we have a site identified.  Many thanks to Mayor Waldeck for his support of this work as well.