Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BCS Response to Cross Complaint

As someone wise recently told me, "the Grinch never sleeps."  Over the holidays, we received plenty of legal  paperwork from BCS.  I'll try to hash it all here. 

In their response, BCS not surprisingly says that the allegations raised by the District aren't true, and that even if they are true, BCS says it shouldn't impact their facilities allocation.

I won't get into chapter-and-verse of our legal argument, but the BCS demurer shows a frightening lack of understanding of what a public school is all about.  If public schools are free to discriminate against students they don't wish to educate, the entire system will fail.  Public schools don't exist to educate an aristocracy- they exist to educate the entire citizenry.  Jefferson would be spinning in his grave at the positions BCS takes here.

BCS reply in support of demurrer to FACC

The District recently responded to the BCS anti-SLAPP suit (as posted here).  BCS gets one more bite at the apple before we go to court next week.  Here is their response:

BCS Reply in support of  BCS anti-SLAPP

As an added bonus, BCS has also objected to the amicus submission made by Huttlinger.  This seems to go with the theme of quashing debate and shutting out voices that speak in opposition.  Ironic, given their attempts to misuse the anti-SLAPP statues.

BCS Objection to Huttlinger

I'll try to update this post with the various supporting documents, but they came via email in a widely scattered group. 

The next important date is January 8th, 2013.  We will be in front of Judge Lucas again, discussing the BCS anti-SLAPP motion and various other matters.  More to come, I'm sure...