Monday, January 7, 2013

No Court Tomorrow

2012-13 Complaint: Cross-Complaint and Anti-SLAPP

If you were planning on coming to the court hearing tomorrow, you can make other plans. 

Judge Lucas handed down a tentative ruling today at about 2pm.  (We're item 5 on the list, starting on page 11.)  The ruling is generally favorable for the District- she declined to dismiss the cross-complaint, and ruled against BCS in the issue of the demurrer.

We received a phone message late this afternoon indicating that BCS will not appear to contest the tentative ruling.  Thus, no day in court tomorrow.  As we get a date for the actual trial related to the cross-complaint, I'll be sure to post it here.

I'm certainly glad that this appears to have gone our way.  My only disappointment is that we had to spend the money on things like this in the first place.

This ruling is tentative, and Judge Lucas may update it if she so chooses. I'll be sure to post the final ruling here when it is released.