Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Other Interesting Blogs

For obvious reasons, I read a fair bit of what is written in the education community.  I would like to share two interesting posts for you all:

Given my most recent post about BCS and the Brown Act, this post by San Carlos Trustee Seth Rosenblatt might be interesting.  It starts with a good explanation of the Brown Act, and what it means in practical terms.  He then goes into some discussion about what needs to change to bring the Brown Act into the 21st century.  I stand by my original post about BCS, but this is an interesting read nonetheless.  (link to EdSource)

Closer to home (as if San Carlos were far away), one of LASD's own has started her own blog.  Beth Leach is a 6th grade teacher at Almond, and has been at the forefront of many initatives within LASD.  She is a fearless experimenter, willing to try new techniques and update old ones.  I've been fortunate to have both of my girls in her classes.  In her first blog post, she builds on an article from Stanford, relating her experience both inside the classroom and on a recent trip to visit schools in China, to do a bit of analysis on the state of public education in the US.  Given all of the rhetoric, the detailed Stanford article is worthwhile, and Beth's personal experience and analysis is a valuable read.

Beth's Leach's blog